WolfePak Accounts Payable Automation

Streamline accounts payable with AP Automation from WolfePak. Eliminate scanning invoices and reduce manual data entry. Simply receive an invoice via email to start an automated workflow.

Intelligently Capture Paper and Electronic Invoices

Why WolfePak AP Automation?

  • No more scanning – system is configured to monitor an email address and automatically consume emails and attachments received from suppliers
  • Reduce Data Entry – by using the AP Automation system, you are training the system to do the data entry for you. Automatically capture key data elements like Vendor, Invoice number, Invoice date and more
  • Smart Coding – the system remembers how you coded invoices so you don’t have to – simply click to apply the coding used on the last similar invoice
  • Workflows with a purpose – launch invoices on workflows to not only control delegation of authority but also track and manage expedited or discount invoices

With a digital document management system, teams login from anywhere to upload documents, submit to electronic workflows, easily search and retrieve documents and streamline the processing.

Digital document management system

Managing the AP documents that drive your business


  • Automatically publish invoices from an email, multi-function device, scanner, or folder from any location
  • Reduce data entry and keying errors with automatic data extraction
  • Code invoices quicker and efficiently leveraging the built-in Smart Coding feature


  • Client defined workflows allow you to monitor approval
  • Workflow wizard to help you customize your workflows, control user actions and approval limits
  • Capture comments and coding for audits


  • Locate documents easily via indexed metadata or simply enter keywords
  • View, Email, and export documents
  • Create audit packages that include workflow history, accounting ERP data, and images


  • Interactive reporting interface allows you to produce reports directly from the screen you are on
  • Flexible analysis thru trend-lines, pie charts, and tables
  • Data can be scheduled for delivery or downloaded for analysis to Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF

Highlighted Features

configurable access

Eliminate scanning, reduce data entry, code smarter and faster

eliminate duplicate data entry

Increase control and visibility, reduce errors and exceptions

Identify and track changes in production

Perform real-time research - graph, drill-down & export

Additional Features

Monitor your average time to approve an invoice
View documents by source (email, scan, E-Invoice)
View invoices by aging
Stats provided by vendor, user, and approval times
View documents by source (email, scan, EInvoice)
Monitor user statistics, document, or workflow step




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