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Did You Know You can Create monthly Production Reports in WolfePak?


WolfePak Software offers the Oil & Gas Production module that provides enhanced reporting and tracking for upstream oil & gas companies with multi-tier allocations and field capture integration. Within Production, you can generate your monthly state production reports and supporting electronic files for those reports. Meaning – you no longer have to manually draft or pay an outside company to prepare these reports. WolfePak currently generates production reports for these states:

  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • Alabama
  • Kentucky

This video walks you through the very quick process of how and where to access these reports within Oil & Gas Production. Below the video you will find step by step instructions that mirror the information on the video:

production reports

Step 1:

Once you are logged in to WolfePak, select the Oil &Gas Production by State module.


Step 2:

Select Menu Item #30 Reports, State Reports tab, and select N-1 State Production Reports


Step 3:

You will then need to select which month and state you are wanting to file for. Once that information is selected, you can then Print or Save the report.


Step 4:

WolfePak also has the ability to generate and file corrected reports as well, by simply selected the Corrected radio button.


Step 5:

After viewing the print out, WolfePak can then create the file that needs to be uploaded to the state comptroller website by going to menu item N-2 Make EDI Files.


To find out more contact your Customer Service Advocate or our Sales Department at 325.677.1543.