About PakEnergy

PakEnergy is an oil and gas accounting solutions company based in Abilene, TX since 1986.

We’re Oil & Gas People

PakEnergy is an oil & gas accounting solutions company that opened its doors
in Abilene, TX in 1986. Today, PakEnergy has customers in 43 states and
around the world, including businesses in other industries. Thousands of
companies have converted their data to our platform since 1986, moving
from outmoded legacy systems, QuickBooks and complex proprietary systems
that no longer support their growth.

We Understand your Challenges

We’re software developers, but we’re also oil & gas professionals with
roots in West Texas and a consistent focus on industry issues and
challenges. Our training, tech support and customer service specialists
talk to PakEnergy users on a daily basis.

We know what you deal with. Here’s what you can count on when you work with us:

  • Professionalism — We’re skilled and experienced in oil & gas accounting issues
  • Innovation — Our platform scales to meet the new challenges and changing needs of your growing company
  • Trustworthiness — We’re consistent and reliable
  • Commitment —We’re dedicated to your success and this industry
  • Likeability — We’re easy to do business with

PakEnergy Snapshot

  • Founded in 1986 in Abilene, TX
  • Oil & gas accounting platform with customers in 43 states and eight foreign countries
  • Oil & gas market segments served
    • Operators
    • First purchasers
    • Investors
    • Service companies
  • PakEnergy has converted thousands of companies since 1986, moving data from general accounting systems, competitive applications and outmoded legacy system

Top Reasons to Consider PakEnergy

We're with you for the long run.

WolfePak specialist

PakEnergy software comes with the experience, insight and resources of PakEnergy specialists. We start with a specialized conversion and implementation and stay with you, through ongoing training, tech support and customization.

Our installed base includes start-up companies drilling their first wells to operators with thousands of wells and active M&A operations. PakEnergy features and pricing work for both ends of the spectrum, with flexible financial reporting for more complex partnerships and ownership arrangements.

We listen, too. Users who attend our annual user conferences have a voice in the development of our software, voting for new features and sharing evaluations with PakEnergy administrators.

PakEnergy Scales with Your Growth

Your PakEnergy conversion sets up post-conversion implementation and training, to ensure that your new system scales and supports your growth.



Monthly new user classes with available on-site consulting and training.

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Modules and Add-Ons

Modules and Add-Ons

See how our modules and add-ons can support your growth.

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Tech Support

Tech Support

Your PakEnergy technical support team is always available to solve problems. Just call or email.

Tech Support

Run with PakEnergy

See how PakEnergy can help your growing business run leaner and faster.

Call us at (325) 677-1543

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