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Document and Invoice Automation for Today's Digital Oilfield


01 | Upload

Intelligently Capture and Extract Information from

  • Emails
  • Desktop and network drives
  • Desktop scanners and MFDs

02 | Workflow

Automate and manage approvals with

  • Easily configurable workflows
  • Visibility into approval status
  • Fully documented audit trail

03 | Search & Retrieve

Robust document repository provides

  • Full text and key value search
  • Version and access control
  • Audit packages
  • Digital data rooms

04 | Take Action

Business intelligence tools that allow

  • Data analytics on documents and workflows
  • Real time and scheduled reports
  • Drag & drop ad-hoc reporting



  • 01. Automate Data Entry & Manual Processes: Capture, identify, categorize and process documents with PakEnergy Docs automation tools.
  • 02. Modernize Your Workflows & Maximize Productivity: Increase efficiency and eliminate repetitive manual processes with powerful workflow automation that saves time and money.
  • 03. Simplify Collaboration with Intuitive Search & Retrieval Tools: Quickly find the documents you need and keep everyone on the same page by organizing all files, records and documents in one central secure location that is intelligent, scalable and easily accessible.
  • 04. Optimize Document Management & Focus on What Matters: Never worry about losing a document, wasting time on tedious processes, or staying in compliance again. Put time back to growing your business, improve your client relationships, and focus on revenue-generating tasks.

“Since implementing Exchange, immediately we started seeing returns. Our engineers could log in from anywhere and get through the approval process online all at once. It also cut down on double entry because Exchange links directly with Pak Accounting. This saves me and my engineers about 2 hours every week, 2 hours that we can use to generate income instead of approving invoices.”

Meet Tyler Barnett
Tyler Barnett | CFO, Clear Fork