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Your Land Team Enhanced

PakEnergy Land Outsourcing offers full Lease Records back office to allow companies of all shapes and sizes to perform at optimum levels. Your projects are important, the timing of completion imperative, and budget restraints respected. Let the professionals at PakEnergy Land Outsourcing support your team to achieve departmental milestones.



Back office support

Full service, all-level Lease Records and Land department providing routine maintenance and support or ad-hoc project assistance.

  • Set up and maintain records
  • Process Monthly Expirations
  • Process Monthly Obligations
  • Down Well Review and Shut-In Payments
  • Acreage and Management Reporting
  • Litigation Support, Expert witness
  • Unit Reconciliations
  • Prepare Exhibits

Acquisition due diligence

From data conversions to regulatory filings, we help you close your latest transaction efficiently and effectively.

  • Identify Condents and Pref Rights
  • Confirm compliance with Lease obligations (rentals and minimum royalties)
  • Review validity of seller's net revenue interest representations
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Your Land Team Enhanced

From data conversions to regulatory filings, we help you close your latest transaction efficiently and effectively.

  • Coordinate conversions of records and images (Leases, Contracts, BAs, Divisions of Interest)
  • Prepare/Review Exhibits to Assignments
  • Prepare Agency Assignments
  • File Bonding Requirements for State and Agency Leases
  • Prepare Letter-in-Lieu
  • Reconcile Exhibits with Data and Documents

Why choose Pak D.O. Outsourcing?

  • Set Up and maintain ownerships records.
  • Determine working interest and establish burden groups.
  • Resolve revenue and JIB discrepancies.
  • Prepares preliminary Division of Interest, which includes reviewing leases with early pay provisions to ensure owners are included in the preliminary DOI to comply with the lease obligations.
  • Prepares final and payout Division of interest and performs calculations of interests for all owners reflecting accurate ownership in wells.
  • Determines and calculates leasehold and unit interests.
  • Analyzes title requirements, cures title defects, and determines owner pay status.
  • Researches and resolves owner decimal discrepancies. Review and analyze title documents (deeds assignments probates, title opinions, affidavits, etc.) and process ownership changes for both Revenue and JIB.
  • Responds to owner inquiries (email, written, phone) within a timely manner; investigates revenue suspense; interface regularly with Clients, Revenue & JIB Accounting, and Owner Relations.
  • Liaise with landmen, owners, clients, and attorneys in obtaining or providing data and/or explanations with ownership breakdown.
  • Sending Division Orders, Sending Well Exhibits, Preparing Mail-outs, Receiving Documents, Scanning images, and Logging Requests.

“Pak Land looks like it's going to be a lot easier to be able to run those acreage reports. If somebody comes and asks me, hey, how many leases do you have or how many acres, net acres do we have in a certain area, it'll be easier to do that with this land system.”

Sr. Lease Analyst | Dallas based E&P
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