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Mobile Field Data Management and Integration


Today we’re excited to launch our latest solution WolfePak Pumper. A new offering designed to help our oil and gas customers make the most of their technology investments and generate real operational cost savings immediately.

Our new Pumper solution gives independent oil producers an opportunity to dramatically improve their operational efficiencies. The new app provides a completely secure and online way to manage the entire data stream from the field to the office. As a result, companies can access production data faster, identify and manage trends and determine production plans faster.

And we’re offering it at no cost for six months. Contact us today if you want access to this new mobile technology for free.

Make the transition away from paper for good

Oil and gas companies that long pushed off updating their back office operations with mobile and cloud technology now have to take a ”no choice” mentality and finally do it. Companies were forced to rapidly transition to remote work, protect and improve margins while also protecting their teams. All in the wake of the current market volatility and COVID-19.

Moving away from paper-based workflows is one of the fastest and easiest ways for oil and gas companies to lower costs and increase efficiency. Pumper and the WolfePak team can help!

Key benefits of WolfePak Pumper

WolfePak Pumper makes it easy to collect, manage and analyze field data, allowing companies to monitor and operate more wells per pumper, as well as reduce the time spent collecting and entering that data.

Now, operators can determine production plans and actions faster, as well as make it easier for field teams to do their jobs with mobile data collection.

Key features include:
  • A native mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Accommodates all readings for oil, gas and water, such as BS&W, gravity, temperature and more
  • Real-time comparison of pumper and purchaser readings to validate or catch inaccuracies
  • An intuitive interface for ticket data entry and data capture of downtime, test data, well treatments and more for individual tanks
  • Configurable access for both contract and employee pumpers
  • Automated scheduling based on the operator’s preferred service schedule with a list of tanks associated with each lease
  • Secure transmission of pumper ticket data to WolfePak’s ERP solution
  • Intelligent insights and analytics available on demand

Let’s connect for a demo. We’re committed to helping you get instant access to the right data in as few steps as possible.