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Production Allocation: Where the Road Meets the Rubber for Accurate Oil & Gas Revenue


PakEnergy Production - field data capture in the oilfield When it comes to field data capture in the oilfield, we've got app overload. Simply Google “pumper app” and you'll find many app vendors selling their wares. There is a long list of field data capture solutions, but using a pumper app to manage your production accounting is getting the cart in front of the horse. You need a top-down, flexible, and easy-to-use solution that addresses the workflow needs of all stakeholders equally - pumpers, production engineers, accounting, superintendents, and management. Allowing pumpers to drive your field data management process is a bottom-up approach that creates massive inefficiency from field information delays, incomplete data, rework, and data wrangling in the back office.

Today's oilfield is increasingly connected, so as valuable as pumpers are at putting boots on the ground for lease assessments, production volumes can also be captured with SCADA. Without a top-down approach that brings SCADA data and manual field data capture together, oil & gas companies who rely on both can never have a complete and timely view of their production while those who rely solely on pumpers often wait days or longer for the big production picture as data is manually collated, e-mailed, or even physically walked in the door.

End the Production Allocation Fire Drill

Production accounting is an operator's cash register. You deposit dollar bills, quarters, and nickels (revenue from production sales) and cash out to pay interest owners. And foundational to accurate accounting and netback at every step is production allocation. For those pumper apps out there, this is their Achilles heel.

What makes PakEnergy Production shine in a crowded room of field data capture and production accounting solutions are two outstanding qualities. First is production allocation. If your team relies on legacy solutions from the big box software shops, you know that running allocations can be frustrating as long processing times and unpredictable crashes create never-ending fire drills to close out each month.

PakEnergy’s multi-tier production allocation engine is built for speed, reliability, and flexibility. Perform allocations the way you want, including days on, percentage, flat amount, volumes, wells, or product.

With robust and reliable production allocations at the center of your revenue accounting, teams no longer have to sweat the monthly close, accelerating revenue distribution with fewer prior period adjustments. PakEnergy Production also creates a traceable audit trail from the field into your financials, which makes accounting's job and compliance much easier. And for the C-suite, energy leaders gain timely visibility into what is actually happening in the field – in real-time. This level of transparency is important for day-to-day operations and vital when commodity prices swing high or low.

Connecting the Field and Back Office

The second quality that makes PakEnergy shine is teamwork. Our field operations and production accounting solution is designed from the start to bring everyone in the back office together around the same set of numbers coming in from the field, providing a single view of production volumes from both SCADA and pumper data entry, validated on the spot with the Pak's mobile app. Engineers see the complete production picture for volumes and well tests, accounting no longer has to send constant data requests to pumpers, and managers get a web-based dashboard with up-to-date KPIs.

PakEnergy - Connecting the Field and Back Office

The Need for Grassroots Adoption

Back to the field - pumpers have a critical role to play in managing the physical and digital oilfield, including production allocation, equipment health, safety, and even ESG. So, giving them lease assessment and field data capture tools they’ll love is crucial. No top-down strategy ever succeeds without grassroots user adoption. PakEnergy Production is easy for pumpers to use, ensures the data they enter meets your master data standards, and catches butter finger mistakes like tank strapping or BS&W values out of range.

But if you really want to make field staff happy, empower them with technology that improves job satisfaction and quality of life. Driving a fixed well route each day and visiting wells that don't need any attention is tedious for pumpers who would prefer to solve problems on the lease and contribute to production optimization. PakEnergy Production can eliminate the need for a pumper to visit dozens of wells each day with pump-by-exception technology. Not only does this allow superintendents and managers to know when wells are likely to have problems, our app guides pumpers to the priority wells that most need their attention. That's a win for the field and back office!

Paul Marino - General Manager - Pak Production


Paul Marino is the General Manager, Founder, and the original creator of Pak Production (formerly ScoutFDC). With over 20+ years of application development, business operations, sales, marketing and SaaS experience in oil and gas, Paul developed Pak Production to tackle the real challenges producers face in capturing timely and accurate field data and production allocation. The platform also ensures seamless field and office connectivity and delivers real-time visibility of producers’ business operations to help them save time and money, manage their operations more strategically, and boost profits.

Contact PakEnergy now to start your journey to next level production allocation and field operations performance. Our production SaaS adds firepower from flowback through the decline curve with modern software built for the cloud to drive new operational and cost efficiencies.

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