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Case Study

Berry Marketing Logistics (BML) Automates Permian Run Tickets for Efficient, Leaner Trucking Operations


PakEnergy-casestudy-BML-thumbnailFind out how PakEnergy Transportation empowered BML to automate and streamline its extensive operations across the Permian Basin for increased business agility and leaner overhead, from load management and dispatch to trucking logistics and regulatory.

BML is a family-owned crude first purchaser and producer services company serving the Permian Basin with a fleet of ninety trucks. Frustrated with the limitations of its legacy transportation management system (TMS), BML made the switch to PakEnergy's industry specific TMS to automate field ticketing, gain real-time situational awareness, cut G&A costs, and ensure timely accurate payments to interest owners.

It hauls more than 60,000 loads annually across the Permian Basin requiring nonstop tracking of assets, field tickets, and drivers. To manage its extensive dispatch and load scheduling; and wanting to modernize and automate its oilfield logistics and trucking operations, BML set out to find best-in-class TMS technology to match its growth profile.


Gaining Clear Visibility into Trucking Logistics and Revenue

BML accrued high licensing and support costs from managing its operations with legacy TMS software while contending with manual, paper-based field tickets that required double entry into its TMS and accounting systems.

  • LOAD SCHEDULING: The company's existing TMS system only updates driver location every 20 minutes, impeding situational awareness and delaying emergency load pickup.
  • TICKET RECONCILIATION: Missing tickets on monthly operator run statements forced staff to arrive at 5:00 AM and spend 2 hours reconciling the previous day's dispatch.
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT: Because legacy technology is difficult to use in the field and back office, BML paid full-time staff just to support its TMS software.

BML's legacy TMS solution was developed without the specialized needs of oilfield logistics in mind and failed to consistently capture all crude oil run tickets electronically. As a result, field and back-office staff processed multiple, paper-based tickets manually each day, impeding clear visibility into operator revenue and leading to unhappy customers.

David Lynn - BML

Buying PakEnergy Transportation was the best decision we made last year. Drivers and dispatchers both love it. It is so current, and user friendly. And the accounting package is just phenomenal, I cannot say enough about it.
David Lynn



Connecting the Field and Back Office in Real Time

BML selected PakEnergy Transportation on the recommendation of a larger peer who uses the cloud-based TMS to manage 500 loads per day. PakEnergy Transportation provides a single, unified solution for load management, field ticketing, dispatch, and scheduling, modern software designed by a crude oil hauler for oilfield bulk commodity transportation.

Because PakEnergy's TMS is energy industry-specific, the solution is intuitive for users with features purpose-built for managing back office workflows and driver tasks, e.g., walking pumpers through standard procedures for measuring crude oil volumes and tank strapping. Importantly, the software connects the field and back office in real-time for clear situational awareness across BML's fleet of trucks and continues to operate on mobile devices in offline mode when cellular connections are temporarily interrupted.

Equipped with PakEnergy Transportation, BML's dispatch team sends complete load and schedule information to a tablet in the cab of each truck, enabling efficient dispatch for routine or emergency load pickup. BML's trucks are also equipped with printers that enable drivers to leave a physical copy of the run ticket at the lease while the digital ticket is instantly sent to the cloud for the crude hauler's back office team to process.

BML's dispatchers are equipped with a two monitor workstation showing a live map and load management screens. This enables the dispatcher to track the movement of the company's fleet of ninety trucks in real time and redirect a driver at any moment by finding the nearest truck and simply dragging and dropping a load on to the appropriate asset.

Trucks Seamlessly Managed
Happier Drivers Tracked
Loads Managed Each Year
Hours Saved Each Day for Dispatch
Manual Tickets Each Year

Accelerating Business Performance and Reducing Driver Turnover

PakEnergy empowers BML to automate and streamline its extensive operations across the Permian Basin for increased business agility and leaner overhead, from load management and dispatch to trucking logistics and regulatory. Gone are the early workdays and long hours. 99% of BML's field tickets are now automatically processed digitally with less than 10 tickets entered manually each year, enabling dispatchers to arrive at 7:00 AM instead of 5:00. And by automating field ticket processing, monthly run statements are complete and accurate, leading to happier producer customers.

BML now has clear situational awareness of its assets and their location at any moment as well as insights into driver performance with safety and compliance checks built into PakEnergy Transportation. The TMS software gives it the flexibility to manage approximately 175 loads per day and accommodate emergency loads with drag-and-drop simplicity. Indeed, PakEnergy Transportation's ease of use provides the crude oil hauler a competitive edge that improves driver job satisfaction and enables it to retain critical resources amidst a driver shortage.

PakEnergy Transportation's powerful load management features allow BML to optimize operations fleetwide, minimizing deadhead miles and fuel costs. When dispatchers or drivers require assistance with the web-based tools or mobile app, they can reach out instantly to PakEnergy's 24/7 support center for expert assistance. This has eliminated the need for full-time staff to support its legacy TMS system, allowing valuable time and resources to be redirected into revenue-generating activities.


Bridging the Digital Oilfield Ecosystem

In addition to its oilfield logistics operations, BML offers a comprehensive array of producer services, including Division Orders and full-service royalty distribution. It has relied on PakEnergy Accounting for over 20 years to manage its own financials, track producer revenue, and cut checks to owners on behalf of its customers.

PakEnergy Transportation and Accounting work together through a seamless integration to further streamline BML's field and back-office operations. As a result, once field tickets are digitally loaded into PakEnergy Transportation, the data is instantly synchronized with the General Ledger, eliminating the time and cost of manual double entry, and accelerating revenue distribution to interest owners.

PakEnergy Transportation also integrates with most electronic logging devices (ELD), such as Geotab, Samsara and more. Driver data is easily accessed through the TMS software, eliminating data silos with a single source of truth for all BML's scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, accounting, and compliance data