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Avoid Escheat/Unclaimed Property Nightmares


Energy Accounting Pros: Learn best practices for avoiding the frustrations of unclaimed property reporting. Reduce costly risks to your business with these actionable tips.

For energy companies with vast numbers of interest owners and extensive supply chains, unclaimed property can be a tremendous challenge. From uncashed royalty checks to accounts payable funds held in suspense, unclaimed property missteps expose your business to risk. Untangling the labyrinth of local reporting requirements, evolving legislation, and deadlines to remit payments to state agencies can be overwhelming. The frustrations only intensify during a merger or acquisition.

Meet The Pak Pros

Nikki Naylor

Product Manager

Joel Cox

Account Executive

PakEnergy Accounting experts Nikki Naylor and Joel Cox will cover the key things you need to consider to effectively navigate reporting season and de-risk compliance. Topics include:

  • Understanding what qualifies as escheatable / types of unclaimed property in oil and gas
  • Staying on top of legislative and reporting changes such as the shift from NAUPA II to NAUPA III and uneven adoption of RUUPA among states
  • Mitigating unforeseen unclaimed property risks from M&A and understand how VDA programs can minimize penalties and interest
  • Simplifying reporting with the industry’s only dedicated unclaimed property tools featuring owner contact tracking and filing rules

BONUS: Get a copy of our exclusive Understanding & Simplifying Oil & Gas Unclaimed Property Management fact sheet.