PakEnergy Managed IT Services

The accountability and cost-efficiency of a single source for your IT system.

The accountability and cost-efficiency of a single source for your IT system

Our managed IT services give growing oil & gas companies one vendor to manage their oil & gas accounting platform with their other IT assets. With PakEnergy managing your IT services, you can concentrate on your responsibilities — paying your bills, billing expenses and distributing revenues.

When PakEnergy manages your IT services, system maintenance, security and backup challenges become our responsibility and are under our control. Our enterprise-level support means we can introduce remote monitoring and preventative maintenance, to help detect early-stage problems and minimize or eliminate unplanned downtime.

Our goal is a relationship with your company, not a transaction, so we integrate solutions that add value. Over time, we get to know your company, its systems, processes and challenges, to help you manage more data and more complex accounting and reporting.

Managed IT

Network solutions for growing companies


You can build an in-house IT group, or you can move faster with an outsourced PakEnergy solution. We’ll design and implement your network solution, then manage its operations — including provisioning, enhancements and systems monitoring.

As your company grows, we’ll work closely with your PakEnergy technical support and product specialists. Together, we’ll make sure you have the enhancements you need to manage more complex day-to-day operations, as well as the multi-company features you need to handle mergers, acquisitions and consolidations.

Names you know and trust

The PakEnergy IT department is a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist and Dell Technology Partner. We combine our oil & gas accounting software with the latest innovations in enterprise software and hardware, integrating a customized solution that will scale for growth.

As Certified Networking Professionals, we offer the following services to keep your network in optimal condition:

  • Remote server monitoring to detect and prevent potential problems
  • In-shop computer repair in our Abilene facility
  • IT security, including virus and spyware removal
  • Backup solutions for network servers
  • On-site diagnostics
Microsoft Small Business Specialist and Dell Technology Partner

Relax…we’ve got this.

With Managed IT you can relax

Outsourcing your IT systems lets you focus on what you do best, while we keep your oil & gas accounting platform and IT systems at peak operating efficiency. Larger companies have always used a vendor consolidation strategy, to build more effective, value-adding relationships with fewer and better vendors.

Your PakEnergy Managed IT Services specialists give you the accountability and cost-efficiency you want, for an IT system that scales with and sustains your company’s growth.

PakEnergy Scales with Your Growth

Your PakEnergy conversion sets up post-conversion implementation and training, to ensure that your new system scales and supports your growth.



Monthly new user classes with available on-site consulting and training.

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Modules and Add-Ons

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Tech Support

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