WolfePak ERP Software for Operators

A Single Platform that Handles Oil and Gas Accounting and More

Oil and Gas Software that Simplifies Revenue Distribution, Billing & Financial Reporting

WolfePak Oil and Gas Software for Operators makes your job easier through smart integration and automation, which gives you more time to focus on your bottom line.

  • Streamlines processes for JIB (joint interest billing), AFE (authorization for expenditures) and oil & gas revenue distribution.
  • Permits natural data entry for functions such as A/P and Deposit Entry, through task specific screens.
  • Produces financial statements and reporting for compliance, board reviews or internal analysis with ease.
  • Creates full audit trails to track user entries, changes and transaction history and are available in easy to read reports.
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Highlighted Modules | Oil & Gas Software for Operators

Revenue Distribution

Simplify revenue distribution for countless properties to unlimited owners
Additional Functionality

Easily correct distribution errors for multiple production months

Provides audit-trail and detail-level suspense information for each owner

Creates real-time entries to the general ledger

Joint Interest Billing

Manage thousands of properties with different percentages & exemptions
Additional Functionality

Accurately allocate costs to investors and/or owners

Manage an unlimited number of DOIs with varying percentages

Create files for 3rd party uploads (Enverus, Energylink)

Check Stub Entry

Providing control, validation and reporting for revenue receipt
Additional Functionality

Validates revenue to division order for correct payment percentages

Provides visibility to totals and variances on volume, price & revenue

Creates entries to send to revenue system for distribution or to G/L for owner share

Additional Features

System runs unlimited sets of books
Unlimited financial reporting groups at various levels
Consolidation and multi-company roll-ups available
Automatic roll-up of leases based on location, operator & more
Lease-level & owner-level correction utilities for revenue and billing
Escheat of unclaimed property for all 50 states available
Electronic cash disbursement approval
Positive pay file to send to your bank for fraud prevention

Add-On Modules to Consider

Extend the functionality of WolfePak with various add-ons that automate and integrate multiple functions and processes.


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